Reasons To Hire A Professional High-Rise Window Cleaner

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Reasons To Hire A Pro

When it comes to commercial high rise window cleaning, people have a perception that all cleaning services are the same. However, this is not the case. Window cleaning services can be categorized under three main services, residential window cleaning, commercial building cleaning services, and high-rise window cleaning.

Some window cleaning companies strictly offer residential services, while others purely focus strictly on commercial buildings only and may only work on high-rise buildings. Also, many window cleaning companies have the skills, tools, and equipment so their crews can work on a wide range of structures.

All in all, commercial high-rise window cleaning is a type of service that quite unique. That is because it is a service that needs specialized equipment, skills, and tools. The hazards are higher with this service. As such, if you’re looking to hire a contractor in Toronto, you’d be wise to hire a real professional with all the necessary equipment and the right skill sets.

Equipment Needed

high rise window cleaning equipment

The main reason you should hire a pro, especially on high-rises is they have access to the proper equipment. With this service, you need much more than simply a few rags and some cleaning solution.

Although, a majority of the cleaning products and equipment you will use on a high-rise cleaning job will be the same as any other job. There are those few types of equipment that are designed explicitly for high-rise window cleaning jobs. These equipment are generally those used to help the skilled personnel to access windows in hard to reach areas. To clean the window, the qualified technician will need regular window cleaning supplies such as a bucket, cleaning solution, squeegee, window mops, few rags, and others. However, they will also need equipment like grains, winches, strong cables, extension poles, and much more.

Cleaning windows at ground level is obviously straight forward, and anyone can do it. However, with the next two floors, the technician will need to use extensions that are attached to cleaning tools like buckets and squeegee. The truth is that using extensions is a bit tricky and does not only need experience but training. A professional cleaner can do this without damaging any window.

For a professional window cleaner to clean windows above the third floor, they will need a piece of equipment known as bosun’s chair. This is like a suspension chair, which allows a worker to move up and down the vertical side of a building so that they can clean windows with ease. It is generally a flat platform that looks like a chair and attached to ropes (like a children’s swing), which are securely anchored to a point at the top of a building. Working from the bosun’s chair, the worker is not only safe but comfortable while doing their task at extreme heights.

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For a bosun’s chair to be useful, there’s is some additional equipment that’s also needed. First, the chair needs to be equipped with various safety mechanisms to prevent the window cleaning expert from falling. Furthermore, it must come with a safety harness. These are safety features that must be available. You will need items such as karabiners, and rope.

Why Hire A Pro?

The reasons to hire a professional or pro goes beyond their ability to accesses equipment. That is because you can buy most of the equipment easily. No matter the case, you should use common sense before you ask an untrained employee or any personnel to do this kind of work. Remember, this is not a task anyone can do; it needs training, experience, and skill. Only through these merits will the person be able to work the equipment safely. Moreover, most anyone would feel uncomfortable working on these heights.

A professional cleaner or window cleaning company is going to have employees thoroughly trained that know how to work all equipment. Because they undergo safety training, they know how to prevent potential disasters. Otherwise, if any person who does not know how to work this equipment or follow all the safety protocols, they are putting their lives in danger aside from offering an excellent window cleaning service.

Aside from safety, there is another benefit to seeking the services of a professional. A professional is going to deliver better services and results.

In other words, the expert is going to get the job done right.

Another reason to hire a professional is their ability to do the job faster. The fact is that a majority of high-rises have many windows (dozen at minimum). This makes cleaning a challenge for one person. For this reason, a god window cleaning business has the man-power (crew) to deliver as fast as possible. Therefore, it does not matter how big the job is; a good service provider can deliver on time.

How to Hire a High-Rise Window Cleaning Service?

Of course, there are few things you must consider when looking for a pro. These are things you should look at before you even consider hiring one:

1. Do They Have Insurance

Insurance is vital and should never be ignored. For this reason, you should always ensure that the professional is covered for all accidental damages that could occur while working on a building. An insurance cover that covers accidents and any injuries while working on a client’s property is also fine.

2. Do They Have Experience

Experience is also important. To evaluate the experience a company has, ask them how long they’ve been in business in the area. Asking alone is not enough. Ask them to prove the buildings they have worked on and request the provide you with references and their contact info.

3. Planning & Scheduling

Communicating with the company is the only way you will get to know what they are about and how they plan their jobs. Find out how they approach their job while working on a building. Are they able to work with you in scheduling the work? What is their average cleaning estimate time? Are they flexible to accommodate your needs or company needs?


Professional high rise window cleaning services add value no-matter the kind of building it is being done. But one thing is clear; you need professional service when it comes to this type of work.

Only specially trained and certified individuals should be hired for this type of work.

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